When your home needs extra support, where do you turn? There are some situations where you might need some extra support, such as when doing a remodel or when removing a load bearing wall for some reason. Since this is a serious matter and can lead to a disastrous collapse, it is nothing that you can do on your own. A structural engineer can help figure out where there needs to be some extra support installed. So what type of support can be used?

There is something called adjustable steel columns. These are steel pipes that are filled with cement and can be adjusted to the desired height and installed to give support. They need to be installed on a level surface and mechanically fastened on both ends. Over the whole length of the column, there can’t be more than one inch tilt. Since these columns sometimes are left installed in your home, you should make sure that they remain in good repair. Just a little bit of rust is a bad sign, since rust can affect the integrity of the column, and by extension, your entire home.

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