Do you have extra space in your closet? Somehow, that never seems to happen, does it? Usually, the opposite is true; many homes have limited closet space, forcing people to come up with alternatives for putting their clothes away. The bigger your family, the bigger the problem gets. There are, however, some solutions that can help you resolve the storage issue. One is to find alternate storage locations for your clothes. If you have different clothes for summer and winter, place the ones not in use into a storage location where they can be retrieved at a later time. Some beds come with built-in storage under the mattress. There are also devices that will let you make better use of your existing closet space, such as hangers that can expand down and give you more room for hanging items.

Having a big dresser can also be very beneficial, allowing you to put away a lot of clothing in something that will look nice in your room as well.

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