Do you suffer from pet allergies? It is a very common problem, and it appears that it is getting more and more common these days. Some even suffer so badly that they could end up in the hospital just from a short exposure.

Even if you aren’t suffering from such serious allergies, it could still be very annoying to deal with itching and sneezing when you have no idea what the cause is. This could be the case if you buy a home where a previous owner had pets.

In some cases, you might be perfectly fine when touring the home, but once you move in, you realize that something isn’t quite right. This could be because of pet dander and hair being stuck in the filters of your HVAC system. Another possibility is that there is carpet in the home. Your best alternative at this point is to do a thorough cleaning, but replacing any filters that you can access will also help. If things still don’t improve, you might need to have a professional duct cleaning performed to remove the last traces of previous pets.

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