How safe are your children in your backyard? As with everything, their safety will greatly depend on how well you do your job as a parent. For example, many parents get their children a trampoline for entertainment, but don’t set up any ground rules for using it, and might not even understand what the dangers with trampolines are. To back that statement up, there are hundreds of thousands of injuries on trampolines each year, and often this is due to it being used improperly.

While children usually all want to be on the trampoline at once, the risk of injury increases manifold with each added person that is on it. In reality, there should preferably only be one child on the trampoline at a time.

You should also make sure that children can’t fall off of the trampoline by installing sturdy netting around it.

Teaching your children not to jump onto the trampoline from a roof or a tree is also very important, since they could fly off the trampoline or break it when landing.

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