Your toilet – you and your family all use it every day, and you would probably be in a tough spot if it wasn’t working. So what might you want to look at to make sure that your toilet is in good repair? It is very important that the toilet bowl and tank are whole, without cracks. If there is damage to either, you should replace your toilet as soon as possible, otherwise you run the risk of having to deal with contaminated water that is all over the floor of your bathroom.

You should also take a minute and look inside of the tank to see if there is mold or algae growing in it. If there is, you should empty the tank and clean it out. Over time these things can clog up the mechanism inside of your tank. 

If your toilet rocks when you sit on it, it could just be that you need to get some shims, but if the problem is more serious it could be that the subfloor has issues.

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