The list of things that you shouldn’t ever flush down the toilet is very long. In fact, the list for what you can flush down the toilet really only has 3 items on it, but in case you decide to get innovative, here are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t.

Paper towel – This should never be flushed down the toilet. While you might think that it looks very similar to toilet paper, it couldn’t be more different. Toilet paper is made to break apart when flushed, while paper towel is manufactured to stay together even when wet.

Cat litter – You might think that your cat’s waste product can go to the same place as yours, but considering that cat litter is made to clump up when wet, this is a very bad idea. You could create a cement-like clog that will take a lot of work to dislodge.

Diapers – The same thinking is in play here – waste should go into the toilet, right? No! A diaper in the pipes will cause a major headache, most likely requiring the visit of a plumber.

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