Replacing the roof on your home is a large, and sometimes, daunting task.

Keep these points in mind if you plan to have your existing roofing materials replaced:
Tile, metal, and slate cost a little more than other building materials, but they also provide more protections and can be a worthwhile investment, especially when you look at the cost spread out over the lifetime of the material. 
Slate and tile roofing is usually much heavier than shingles made from asphalt or wood. If you are planning on using those materials for your new roof, make sure that you have a conversation with your roofing contractor. He will be able to determine whether the framing of your house will be able to support them.

When looking at roofing contractors, spend the time to research the company by looking at reviews, as well as, by asking friends and neighbors who may have used them recently. Pick a few alternatives and get estimates so you can choose wisely.

If there is heavy snow where you live, a good alternative is a standing-seam metal roof. Snow sheds off of this easier which leaves less of a load on your roof.

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