Ants are everywhere. No matter where you live on earth, you have some type of ants living nearby. While ants aren’t known to be damaging pests, they are, nevertheless, a nuisance when they show up inside your home. There are even some types of ants that actually do cause damage by chewing on your wiring. So, what can you do to keep them away?

Usually, when you first spot a single ant coming through your home, this is a scout which might be leading the way for a future infestation. Ants are attracted to anything that is sugary and sweet, so you should make sure that you clean up spills of soda and juice right away. If you have recycling, you shouldn’t put out anything that contained something sweet without cleaning it out first. Your recycling container should also close tightly. Items like sugar and honey shouldn’t be kept out in the open, instead, you might need to keep them in your fridge to prevent ants from getting to them.

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