Hardwood floors are a very beautiful feature in a home, but unfortunately, they can also scratch very easily from heavy furniture being pulled across it. If this is the case, is there a way to make the floor look good again? You will be able to do so with a little bit of work.

Depending on the depth of the scratch, you will need to use a slightly different approach. If it is not a very deep scratch, you can rub steel wool along with the grain of the floor. If it is deep, you can use 180 grit sandpaper on it first, then fill it in with premixed wood filler. After the filler dries, sand it again to remove excess wood filler.

Rub mineral spirits over the work area. This will remove any dust from sanding, as well as, smooth it out.

Your last step is to refinish the floor with polyurethane or a similar product to match the surrounding floor. It is best to use a natural bristle brush to avoid air bubbles.

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