Pesticides have been around for a long time, and in some cases they have proven to be very dangerous to human health. Today, there are pesticides that are fairly harmless to humans and are still getting the job done, but others that warrant extreme caution in handling.

Pesticides are mainly used to control weeds, mold and insects, and if you choose to use these materials, you should exercise care both in how you handle them, as well as, in how you store them.

You should always follow the instructions for use and storage that the product instructions provide. Don’t transfer the chemicals to a different bottle without it being clearly labeled.

Always wear the prescribed protective gear when applying pesticides, and wash carefully after use. Also, be careful not to use pesticides where you don’t have sufficient ventilation, since the vapors could be harmful.

Don’t apply pesticides on days when there are heavy winds since they can travel very far from where they were applied.

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