A high efficiency HVAC system is very important for a homeowner. Why is that? Because any inefficiency is reflected in the amount of money spent on energy. Heating and cooling are among the biggest recurring expenses you will have for your home, so it makes sense to try to save as much as possible on them.

A major reason why your HVAC system might not be as efficient as it should, could be leaky HVAC ducts. Any home that has central heating and cooling needs to have ducts running throughout the building to transport the air to all areas of your home. If there are holes, cracks or joints that aren’t sealed properly, you could be losing the air that comes from your HVAC unit, as well as, taking in air from areas of your home that might not be climate controlled. 

It might not always be easy to find these problems, so getting your ducts checked with an infrared camera could be useful.

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