Preventing mold might seem like a losing battle. Mold spores can be found everywhere on earth, and all it needs to start growing is favorable conditions. So what you need to do to prevent mold might seem self-explanatory – don’t present favorable conditions for mold to grow.

It sounds easy, but a home is a big place, and there are many areas where you have to be extra diligent, such as in your basement, crawlspaces and bathroom. Since moisture is one of the main problems to prevent mold growth, you should be quick about cleaning up spilled water, drying wet clothes and towels and using a dehumidifier if necessary.

Ventilation is also very important. Having a fan in the bathroom and kitchen sucking out air to the outside is vital. You should also air out your home regularly to keep the air fresh. If you notice mold growth, don’t ignore it, even if it isn’t in the living space of your home, since it can spread very fast once it has gotten a foothold.

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