You probably have quite a few appliances in your home. Since they cost quite a bit, you surely would want to put off buying new ones for as long as possible. While there is a certain age at which you’re actually losing money from not upgrading your appliances, if your appliances aren’t too old, they probably are fairly efficient and worth keeping for quite a while. This does however mean that you need to make sure that they are kept in good repair.

One of the main issues that appliances face is insufficient airflow.

If an appliance can’t vent out the hot air from its motor, it runs the risk of overheating or even starting a fire. Just the fact that it is running hot will shorten the life-span of the appliance.

Another thing that often is overlooked is the need to replace filters. When you get an appliance, you should take a look at the maintenance section of the manual to find out if there are removable filters and how often they are recommended to be replaced or cleaned.

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