It used to be that wood roofs were on most homes just a generation ago. Wood was the easiest building material for homes, so most everything was made from it. Fast forward a few decades and wood got pushed back by other materials that required less maintenance and lasted longer. This doesn’t mean that wood fell out of use completely, but with decreased demand, prices have gone up, and now, having a wooden roof is no longer common, but instead, something that homeowners invest in when they want something outside the norm.

So, if you decide to install a wooden roof on your home, what should you keep in mind? Well, since it is a major investment, you need to take good care of it.

Wood is easily damaged by water damage, so you should take care to make sure your gutters and downspouts work well. You should also cut back trees that extend over your roof and get rid of trees that are close to your home since an insect infestation could spread to your roof.

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