If you suspect that you have mold in your home, there is simple test that you yourself can perform that won’t damage the building material in your home, takes a few seconds to perform, costs very little and won’t require training or expertise.

In fact, it can tell you a lot. You can use it to find out how bad the contamination is, what species of mold you’re dealing with, as well as the risk that it might release spores.

The method used is called tape sampling. To perform it, you can use something that you most likely already have available in your home – clear cellophane tape. You also have the option of using a kit specifically designed for this test.

You perform the test simply by pressing the sticky side of the tape onto a surface that you suspect has a mold infestation. As long as you are careful, this should not damage the surface that you perform the test on. If you have any serious health problems, you might want to ask someone else to do the sample for you so as not to be exposed to harmful mold.

After the sample is taken, it can be sent to a laboratory for testing, and this will give you the information you need to determine the next step to take.

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