Have you ever seen a clay roof? In some older cities, you might be able to see quite a few, some of them much older than most residents in that town. The reason is that clay roofing is among the most durable options you can find for roofing. Clay tiles can last for decades, but of course, that is dependent on them being installed correctly and cared for.

A clay roof can be very heavy. In fact, it can be such a difference from whatever roofing material you currently have that it would require an inspection by a structural engineer before you could safely install a clay roof. It is very likely that you would need to have some extra support installed for the weight. If you were to decide to go with a clay roof, you should make sure that you get a reputable and experienced roofer for the job, since your investment could be damaged if the tiles were installed incorrectly, or the wrong type of tiles for the weather in the area are installed.

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