Toilet Paper


Most home owners in Missouri assume there aren’t many dos and don’ts as far as care and maintenance of their septic system. It’s out of sight and out of mind! But like most things -following the directions will save time and money in the long run. When I’m inspecting a system I review the proper care and maintenance for the buyers on that particular system. I like to refer to the hand out from the EPA at the bottom of this blog. Using the proper kind of toilet paper is important! Most clients are unaware it makes a difference. Even those who have had a septic system before!


Most of the stores in our area only carry one brand that is acceptable and that is SCOTT tissue paper. Sometimes Walgreens has MARCAL Brand which is a recycled paper based product. The paper should say it’s septic safe right on the wrapper. But other good tissues might be found at Trader Joe’s or brands like Seventh Generation, Fiesta, April Soft and Green Forest.


Also – if you can find it – buy recycled fiber toilet tissue. It is tissue made from recycled paper fibers and uses less chlorine-based bleach. This reduces groundwater pollution and  has less landfill volume as well. It also helps reduce the volume of toilet tissue in private septic tanks and will possibly slightly extend the time you need between septic tank pump outs.



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