Secret Weapon Stops Home Sales: ‘Deal Killers’

Written by:
Wes Kelley,Certified Inspector
7 Oaks Home Inspection, LLC
December 12, 2012

Selling a home can be stressful. Uncertainty rules the day. How long will it take to sell? Will the buyer’s home inspection find something unknown or hidden? Will the house sell close to the listed price? No one can predict the final outcome of a home sale, but there is a secret service you can offer when you’re ready to list, that will improve your chances of success and remove most of the uncertainty.

  1. The Ideal Word – In the perfect world the seller would have a complete home inspection, repair and fix every item that is listed and stage their home for showing. These steps eliminate most unknown or undisclosed issues and make for happy realtors, buyers and sellers alike. But how often does this happen? Not often enough! In our current economy with mortgage margins tight, few owners have the funds to do the ideal.
  2. Current Standards – Most sellers have been opting to disclose all they know and cross their fingers the buyer’s inspector won’t find something they didn’t know about. The realtors spend their time and money marketing a home that could be a lost cause. We hear sad stories and feel their pain.
  3. Something New – What if there was a low cost way for the seller and selling realtor to know if there was a big issue? What if this worked to bring down upfront cost and allow for more accurate disclosures? What if this process saved time and trouble for the sellers, the agents and buyers? It would be a win – win scenario!
  4. This Innovative inspection is not a full inspection as done in tradition pre-listing inspections or buyer’s inspections. It is called the Simple Seven Inspection. This brief inspection covers the big items. It gives the realtor a measure of confidence their advertising dollars won’t be going down the drain due to some big unknown issue. It gives the sellers peace of mind knowing the odds are improved the full home inspection won’t find anything big that hasn’t been disclosed. This inspection was created to meet the need for a low cost way to reduce deals falling through at the last minute. This inspection covers the MAIN items that can destroy a deal. It even includes a look at the septic system! The inspection covers: roof, attic, foundation, structure and drainage, heating / cooling, and main electrical panel.
  5. Some Realtors refer to this as their “Secret Weapon!” It’s easy to share with their clients, requires little time, no preparation and it’s easy on the pocket book costing less than half the price of a regular home inspection. After all, it’s usually not the little items like a faulty GFCI or sticky window that scare a buyer. It’s the big items.
  6. The Inspector will have the knowledge to advise the owners which repairs would be the best ‘bang for the buck’ to address and which to simply disclose. How much is this worth? It’s definitely worth more than the average cost of $150. This price point is very attractive to the majority of sellers for that added assurance they will have greatly reduced a ‘deal killer!’
  7. 7 Oaks Home Inspection, LLC has been offering Professional Real Estate Inspections in the St. Charles and St. Louis market area for nine years. Other services include termite, radon, mold, septic, well, engineering reports, FHA inspections, energy audits and energy assessments or SCORE assessments. They are members of the local Chambers of Commerce, BBB and bring years of experience as ASHI certified inspectors to the real estate community.
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